Dark Souls should have another title?

Do you know Dark Souls? It is the Action-Adventure game, which has an enormous high difficulty level. I’m sure there are some broken controller, just because of this difficulty level. There are a lot Frustration-moments, but of course you also feel happy after you solved the difficult parts of the game or won a hard battle.

Dark Soulds is the spiritual successor of Demon’s Souls, which is also very difficult. But that’s exactly one of these reasons why it is so successful and loved by the gamer. No doubt why the developer decided to make a second game.

But there is the actual rumour that Dark Souls shouldn’t even have named Dark Souls! Is this really true?
YES, it is! And you will hear the originally name now!



Actually the game should be named “Dark Ring”. Doesn’t sound so good, but that’s not the main reason why it is called Dark Souls instead of Dark Ring. For some english folks the expression “Dark Ring” is a synonym for “Anus”. Yeah. It would be a great banter for these english folks if they would play with the Dark Ring.

That’s confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, an developer of From Software. Luckily they found it out before they released Dark Souls. But actually that’s the 2nd change of name already.  Okay, that means the name of the game was changed twice. That’s how it is.

So, how should it name the first time? The answer of this question is “Dark Race”. This idea was discarded very fast. Miyazaki had an explanation for that: “The name Dark Race had no future, because it would be taken as racist in some countries”. Dark Race? Yes, it could be a little bit racist for some people.